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Upgrade Your Home Space with Innovative Elevation Tile Designs


Elevation tiles have been used by homeowners to add a touch of charm to their property’s exteriors. They are the latest tile trend that transforms any ordinary exterior into a modern and stylish masterpiece. So, here are a few innovative elevation tile designs that you can consider to upgrade your home exteriors while protecting the walls from harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures. 

Innovative Elevation Tile Designs to Upgrade Your Home 

Modern Elevation Tiles with Wooden Effect

You can elevate your home’s aesthetics to a new level by laying a dark-toned wooden wall tile design on the front elevation wall. The dark tones of these wooden elevation tiles can complement the soft-toned wooden door while creating a sense of balance with the light-toned wall design of the rest of the walls. Besides these tiles, you can consider 3D wooden elevation tiles to provide a beautiful finished look to your home’s facade. 

Advanced Decorative Stone Porcelain Elevation Tiles 

If you have a massive mansion with an ample outdoor space, you need to pick one of the latest elevation tile trends to complement the latest amenities of your luxurious mansion. For that, you can consider a modern stone elevation wall that can make your exterior walls look even more expensive and regal. You can go for any decorative porcelain tiles with stone textures to add an organic feel to the space. The porcelain tiles can protect your exterior walls from rain and harsh weather. 

Front Elevation Tiles with Solid Minimalist Square Grid Design 

If you are looking for a trendy elevation wall tile design, you should go for a grid-style stone tile design in neutral tones. This design can provide a stylish and fresh look to the house’s elevation wall. The soft tones of the tiles offer a simple look that appears more aesthetically beautiful because of its grid-style pattern. 

Modern Front Elevation Tiles in Grey Brickwork

Do you want to infuse a brick-style design into your home’s elevation walls? Go for grey-toned elevation tile patterns, which look like bricks and can add a beautiful appeal to the overall exterior look. These tiles, regardless of their appearance, are perfect for walls in the poolside areas and outdoor cooking areas. 

Exterior Wall Tiles with Western Stacking Pattern 

If you want to infuse a natural and earthy look into your elevation walls, consider using a stacked stone wall pattern with a horizontal structural design. This tile design can instantly change the exterior look, which you will be amazed to see. While picking this tile design, you should prefer softer or nature-inspired colours for a more natural look. 

Neutral-Toned Elevation Wall Tiles 

If you want to create a beautiful view of your home facade that complements your front door, you should consider rustic or neutral-toned elevation tile designs. These tile designs can provide a feeling of luxury and refinement. Moreover, they can be combined with different exterior decors, ranging from contemporary to traditional to farmhouse. 

Elevation Wall Tiles with a Mosaic Design 

Whether a zigzag or a jigsaw, elevation tiles with patterns can provide a distinctive look to your elevation walls. So, you must opt for mosaic elevation wall tiles if you like experimenting and creating artistic designs on walls that make your house unique in your neighbourhood. After all, these tiles can provide an ornamental focal point. 

Tips to Select the Right Elevation Tiles

If you are looking for some tips for selecting elevation tile, here they are:

  • Go for a tile colour that matches your house’s exterior tone. 

  • If you want tiles with water-resisting features, go for porcelain or vitrified tiles.

  • If you prefer robust tile options, pick vitrified tiles. 



So, did you like any of these elevation tile designs? Hope you can now pick one to transform your home exteriors into a stunning masterpiece that reflects your unique style and lifestyle. Visit Orientbell Tiles Boutique to explore different elevation wall tiles and creatively design your home exteriors.