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Take a Professional Photo for Your Business Headshots with Austin Headshot Photographer.

The way you get ready for your headshot photographer session will have a big effect on how your pictures turn out. Here are some more pointers to boost your self-assurance and readiness:

Choose Your Clothes

It’s important to dress appropriately for your headshot shoot. Avoid complicated patterns or logos that could draw attention away from your face and instead choose plain colors. Choose clothes that complement your desired image and your own sense of style. To provide you additional diversity, it’s also a good idea to bring a couple other options to the session.

Hairstyling and Personal Care


To appear your best, make sure you groom yourself before the session. This include keeping your nails neat and tidy, cutting any facial hair, and styling your hair. To give time for any modifications, schedule any haircuts or color treatments a few days prior to the appointment.

Recuperation and hydration


Before your headshot session, getting enough sleep and drinking plenty of water can have a big impact on how you feel and appear. In order to maintain your skin appearing young and moisturized, try to get a good night’s sleep the night before and drink lots of water.

Practice Taking Pictures


You’ll feel more at ease during the session if you practice some basic posing methods if you’re not used to being in front of the camera. To find the perfect face expression for you, stand up straight, ease your shoulders, and try a variety of expressions in front of the mirror.


Talk to Your Photographer


Before and during the session, don’t be afraid to let your photographer know about your preferences and any worries you may have. Inform them of any particular viewpoints or styles you’re going for, and don’t be embarrassed to seek advice or comments if you have any questions.

Behind the Scenes: The Process of Photography (Extended)

From beginning to end, your headshot session with Austin Headshot Photographer should be pleasurable and collaborative. A closer look at what goes on behind the scenes is provided here:

Prior to the Session

We will set up a consultation in advance of the session to talk about your expectations and goals for the shoot. We’ll discuss key information like the venue, your clothing preferences, and any special requests you may have. You can also use this as an opportunity to voice any issues you may have and ask questions.

On-Site Configuration

We will show up at the prearranged location on the day of the session equipped with all the required setup and equipment. We’ll make sure that the camera, backdrop, and lighting are all set up to produce the greatest shots possible.

Offering Advice

Our skilled photographer will gently direct and guide you during the session to ensure you feel at ease and confident in front of the camera. We’ll recommend body language and expressions that accentuate your best qualities and deliver the intended message.

Various Views and Perspectives

We’ll make sure to get a range of expressions and viewpoints so you have lots to pick from. We’ll collaborate to get the ideal shot, whether you’re going for a conventional headshot or something more imaginative and dynamic.


Examine and Comment

We’ll check the photographs together several times during the session to make sure we’re headed in the right direction. We value your opinions and suggestions, and we’ll make the necessary changes to make sure you’re happy with the end product.

Retouching and Rewriting

Following the shoot, our staff will meticulously go over and choose the best shots. After that, we’ll move on to the editing and post-processing stage, where we’ll make adjustments to the photos to make sure they live up to our exacting standards for professionalism and quality.

Complete Delivery

After editing is finished, we will send you the finished photos in the format of your choosing. Whether you’d rather have prints, digital downloads, or both, we’ll take care of the delivery procedure and make sure everything runs well.

In summary

Your professional image is an important tool that can improve your personal brand and lead to new prospects. You may have faith that Korey Howell Photography has you covered. 

Our skilled team of photographers is committed to getting the greatest pictures that capture your own style and professionalism. Purchasing a professional headshot is an investment in your career and in yourself, not just in obtaining a great photo. High-quality headshots can significantly impact how people see you and ultimately help you succeed, whether you’re an actor, artist, business headshots, or an entrepreneur. Don’t accept substandard headshots that don’t convey your personality well. Select Korey Howell Photography, and we will assist you in presenting your best self to the public. Make an appointment for your headshot session with us right now to start improving your professional image.

Answers to Common Questions (FAQs) (Still)

What should I pack for the photo shoot?

Bring a couple different dress options, necessary grooming supplies, and any props or accessories you want to use in the pictures. During the pre-session consultation, we’ll talk about certain recommendations.

Is it possible to have more than one subject in a headshot session?

Yes, for teams and organizations wishing to update their professional imagery, we do group headshot sessions. For further information and pricing specifics, get in touch with us.

Do you provide headshot sessions outside or on location?

Yes, in order to meet the needs and preferences of our clients, we provide both studio and on-location headshot sessions. Tell us where you would want to have it, and we will work with you to make it happen.

What happens if I require headshots for acting and commercial purposes, for example?

We are aware that various sectors could call for various headshot aesthetics. We’ll talk about your individual needs during the consultation and adjust the session as necessary to make sure we get the perfect shot for every scenario.

How frequently should my headshots be updated?

Maintaining up-to-date headshots that accurately capture your current look and brand is a smart idea. Every one to two years or if there are major changes to your appearance or work, we advise renewing your headshots.