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Shop ‘Til You Flop: Where to Score Your Jellycat Bunny Online in Singapore

The characters of pirate-themed toys created by the Jellycat collection turn out to be light as a feather and are made of high-quality and exclusive materials. Fur is hand-cut and becomes pieces that are sewn together to have that luxuriously soft texture possible and to keep it like this.

The plush remains soft when you hold your Jellycat plushie or later it keeps its pattern of epic skin colors intact of the appearance. Besides that, you get to have the same feeling of festive as other people do by buying a limited-edition festive design of clothing with other items that are related to the season.

Adding to this, the Jellycat toy drawer has many actions, but among them all, I find Jellycat Bunnies the cutest. This bunny will be so full of love and sweetness with their semi-circle ears, jump down tails that will make you fall in love with it from the first day as soon as you see them. 

Need to cover a range of sizes which can be a tiny bunny type that can be placed in a pocket, all the way to a large plushy rabbit, which is ideal for snuggling. Singapore has been honored by gaining a special title among the world’s best small places that is called “The Land of Small Toys”. We have all those things to cater to your soft and warm times when you need some comfort from your Jellycat bunnies.

You can stop stressing, as the solution is right in front of you from our collections. Jellycat Bunny Singapore means a lot for this stuffed toy gives you a lot of joy and happiness just like it tries to do with others. That is why they have been hereditarily programmed by nature to bring joy, care, and tenderness to our lives. All elements are developed with strict safety controls exercised and then utilized in spacecraft exploration.

Top-Notch Stores to Buy Jellycat Bunnies

  • Lovingly Signed:

Lovingly Signed carries a great Jellycat collection. In the meantime, you can pick from any number of Jellycat cuddly and cute bunnies. There you are the whole trough of yarn bunnies with various statuses being made from plush and looking as soft as cotton, hence it is really hard to resist. 

Here, the emphasis is given to each customer to fully engage in a pleasantry dialogue manner. You can add your reflections as name, date, and note on the toy that will be more meaningful and such toy will become your memorabilia. Your present will be that one-of-a-kind super special, with-sentiment gift for the person you love, in addition to a fluffy-filled, cuddly Jellycat bunny toy, which has all the qualities needed for that lovely gift. It could be for some baby shower in the future, or some special birthday you wish to surprise, or just something small to tell how much you love someone. This is the place where a rabbit plays the role of a friend that gives you an individual encounter of cuddles, playtime, and a birthday any time you bring them to your home. Jellycat Bunny Singapore is a great toy ever to increase a child’s emotional and social development. The same toy is also worth considering at any special event as it sends a signal of a happy celebration.

  • Elly Store:

Elly Store is a land of all the Jellycat toy addicts who can have a good time with different Jellycat products. This is where they have their inventory which contains their own Jellycat bunnies so that both you the younger one and granny can now stand by the window smilingly. Stepping into the store, you are greeted with the heaven of a candy shop where brightly colored large plush toys bearing every design form surround you like they have been made for you, annoying holiday gifts people always have to give.

  • Le Petit Society:

Stepping into the world of Jellycat would undoubtedly be like stumbling upon the magically blue world that only Le Petit Society’s denizens can reach. They are a kind of children’s clothing that focuses on the latest styles and is the favorite of so many Singaporean babies and parents. There is no way to quantify or compare this mix of two incredible cultures that are regularly revealed and felt in such a beautiful way. 

The children and adults have this joy on their faces all the time. The bunnies from this pet store are, after all, amazingly cute; every single rabbit seems to have its distinct personality. An incredibly inventive and superb handiwork from them happened to be a smart kid’s custom-made apparel and accessories, that amazed these looks and brain stuff. This is achieved by the classic white bunnies with the cuter or weirder designs that are what catch eyes among which, every single Jellycat bunny is selected to keep a hand on their quality and cuteness bar.


The famous and world well-known Jellycat Bunny Singapore brand is in demand everywhere. The Lovingly Signed shop is full of cheerfulness and enigma, as you grab a cup of coffee and walk around it, you can be sure to find the best Jellycat bunny for yourself or someone special. Moreover, you shouldn’t be the one who is to be blamed and misses this great opportunity and doesn’t visit Lovingly Signed. The supermarket carries with it all the sparkle and good day that may just appear in the corner of your eyes.