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Poe Currency – Have Your Covered All The Aspects?

path of exile currency is an essential tool that players use to craft or alter items. There are multiple types of currencies found within this game such as orbs, scrolls, scrolls shards fragments oil catalysts resonators among others.

Divine Orbs are among the most valuable items, allowing players to reroll random explicit modifiers on equipment pieces.


Orbs are used primarily for crafting purposes, though some also serve other functions, such as recoloring sockets on equipment and improving strongbox quality; additionally, orbs may reduce costs associated with crafting certain items. Orbs can be found throughout Wraeclast but most commonly acquired through Temple of Atzoatl or killing Harbingers.

Jeweller’s Orbs are essential tools for changing socket colors on gear, making them extremely important to most players. You can obtain them from Petarus and Vanja – two NPCs located starting in Act 4 – as well as random chest drops throughout the map; they’re especially handy in rerolling sockets early in a league’s lifecycle.


Scrolls are long rolls of papyrus or parchment used for writing, drawing, or painting information onto them and transmitting it. Used primarily before codex books became widespread in ancient societies, scrolls provided an effective means of transmitting information as well as decorative objects.

Before recently, researchers could only examine fragments of scrolls found after Vesuvius’ eruption. As volcanic heat and gases carbonized them into hard lumps that resembled coal, any attempts at opening them yielded nothing more than fragments that yielded only brief fragments of text.

Path of Exile utilizes scrolls as a method of identifying items and unlocking their affixes, and they can be acquired through quest completion, killing monsters or trading with vendors. When identified items sell they fetch more than normal counterparts – as can their potential reroll using either Chaos Orb to add random affixes or Exalted Orb for one specific affix.


Fragment is a term that refers to individual pieces or components that make up something larger, and can be used as noun, verb, adjective. Additionally, fragment is related to words like portion, piece, section and slice that all describe parts of a whole.

PoE currency allows players to purchase items and upgrades for their characters in-game. It consists of orbs and scrolls; Chaos and Exalted orbs make up one type of orb; scrolls can unlock portals in maps while improving passive skill trees; fragments may also help improve maps by strengthening amulets blighted by darkness, while increasing item drops per map.


Shards are functional currency items used for forging gear with unique implicit modifiers. Players can acquire them either by selling items to vendors (see Vendor Recipes) or receiving drops from Harbingers.

Picking up path of exile currency shards early in a league may prove fruitful for certain builds; however, once players reach the endgame and use these path of exile currency shards to upgrade equipment upgrades they often become worthless and should be hidden by using loot filters.


Affixes are an integral component of Poe currency that enable players to personalize rare items. Affixes can add power depending on a player’s playstyle, making an item unique.

Add Affixes to Items by using an Exalted Orb with Care! But players should use caution as it can ruin an item by randomly rolling negative Affixes or destroy special Vaal Implicit Modifiers (see list for full list). An Exalted Orb can be used effectively to re-roll a rare item with new affixes by selling or giving to vendors; or alternatively using an Orb of Alteration; alternatively it can also be used re-roll an item with particular Affixes like Armour or Evasion.