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Odoo as Inventory Management Software for the Warehouse Business

Odoo ERP is contemporary company stock control software that consists of many specialised modules, and any corporation can flexibly customise it to its particular wishes.

One of the customization alternatives is to use it as a warehouse control machine. If you run a manufacturing, wholesale, retail, or similar enterprise, Odoo could be an excellent desire as a complete stock and warehouse management solution.

Let us take a closer study of its benefits and the way you could use this device in your business.

What are the benefits of Odoo for stock management? Key functions of the software program

Inventory management is one of the most essential strategies for retail, wholesale, and distribution organizations. To enhance operational performance, they want a dependable stock and warehouse control device.

The stock control module in Odoo has all of the capability essential for organizations to clear up such obligations. It is interconnected with different operational platform modules bearing in mind efficient information alternate and increasing painting productivity.

There are a list of major functions of Odoo Inventory Management module:

Numerous Warehouses

The module permits you to control objects in your warehouses, switch them from one warehouse to every other, and perform other necessary operations, despite the fact that the storage centers are in specific places.

Advanced Reports

The Odoo stock management module helps you to create informative reviews based on unique information, exclusive types of shows, and exceptional configurations, relying on your needs. This characteristic allows you to make correct and activate business selections.

You can acquire the subsequent reports at any time:

  • Warehouse evaluation

  • Inventory reviews

  • Forecasted stock

  • Inventory valuation

  • Product actions.

Barcode Scanner System

You can configure the barcode app to just accept inventory products and file all their coping with. You acquire more exhaustive verification possibilities and might track managing history.

Efficient Operational Management

With Odoo inventory management, you could efficiently control all the important operations related to commodity materials. For example, you could set product distribution rules, specify most occupancy costs, plan stock counts, and so forth.

Moreover, businesses can install inventory coping with routes based on their superior processes.

Powerful Automation

Using Odoo Inventory, you can enjoy some other significant advantage — automate the big majority of tactics formerly done manually. The era allows you to noticeably boom stock handling efficiency, optimize supply chains, reduce errors, and make business control more predictable.

The Odoo Inventory module exchanges facts with different system apps, making the paintings seamless.

Total Traceability

To achieve overall traceability, the platform tracks every operation associated with every report, like the scope of delivery, transport orders, and best control. The double-access stock management system is amongst Odoo’s maximum good sized benefits. You can rest confident you may lose nothing.

Additional Odoo Apps

POS, accounting, sales, e-commerce, HR/recruiting, and so forth. Are the modules you can install optionally. They will assist you to move a long way beyond inventory management, enlarge your abilties, and keep away from making an investment in extra software.

Above, we’ve listed the primary, however no longer all, functions strange to this software program. If you add a person-friendly and current interface, a big network, and developer efforts to enhance the machine, it will become clear why this open-source inventory management software can be a terrific preference for groups.

Odoo stock control software challenges

Like any other software program solution, Odoo has some setbacks and obstacles. We can include the following points to the list:

  • No cellular app. To be unique, this factor is relevant best to the loss plan. If you are on a paid subscription plan or while you buy additional integrations, this selection will be to be had.

  • Integrations for an extra fee. You can join severa modules and integrations to Odoo, but the free plan does not provide sufficient options in this regard.

  • Limited customization. That is a debatable factor because this inventory management machine is already modern and offers sufficient features. Yet, customers do not now have many alternatives to fully customize the software program to their wishes.

Mind the factors listed above while you decide, or ask specialists to make clear the information you’re interested in.

Summing Up

This article covers the main functions of using Odoo as inventory management software. As you spot, the platform offers numerous benefits making it an amazing choice for corporations in various areas.


If you want help with Odoo implementation, integration, or development, or if you have any associated questions, please, touch us, and we are able to be satisfied to advise you.