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Marriage Horoscope by Love Marriage Specialist


Marriage is an important bond in everyone’s life. It is very good to know what is going to happen in the future in this journey of life. Astrology is a great help to know the marriage horoscope by date of birth in life. What to do when you can’t decide whether it is love or compromise and whether this relationship is suitable for you or not. This will help you a lot in knowing what is going to happen in your future and what will be good for you in the future to enjoy a happy married life.

Kundli matching is also done during this process. Nowadays no one wants to spend their life with someone else’s chosen partner. They love to fall in love and spend time with each other and understand nature and also want to know if they can stay together for life.

Arranged Marriage

There are many things related to marriage. There are many good and inauspicious things in marriage. Vedic astrology says that it is good to have family involved in the marriage and their wishes for you. If a person leaves the question of his marriage to the family, then it is called an arranged marriage. Parivar finds the right person for you, who matches your family values, profession, and understanding of life. And after that, they match the horoscopes and planets of both people to see how this relationship will be. With this, you will get an idea of compatibility with your partner. You can get a marriage horoscope by date of birth for proper guidance in your settled married life. Whether the person is compatible with you or not and whether your married life will be good or not. Everything is answered in astrology consultation. Organizing a wedding is not easy and not everyone is within reach. Before taking a step forward in life, you have to pay attention to every aspect of it. Your married life journey is based on your zodiac sign and the choices you make for your married life.

Love Marriage

A marriage in which you find your partner alone without the participation of the family. It is based on the relationship between individuals and their priorities. And it works on your terms, and how you take it. Sometimes love marriage has major issues like family, caste, finance, kundli dosh, and many other issues. To sort things out or get answers about them, consult a love marriage specialist for proper guidance and information about how this marriage will work out, and whether it will last. And if there are any problems, or how to solve them, all these things will be answered by a love marriage expert who will help guide your life in the right direction for a happy marriage. It is very important to choose the right married life partner for yourself and it is even more important that there should be love and honesty in the marriage. If you prove this for a long time, your married life will become happier than before.

Different Combinations for Arranged Marriages

  • If the lords of the second, seventh, and eleventh house and houses are under the influence of the Sun or Moon, then the chances of arranged marriage are highest.

  • Arranged marriages and possibilities arise when the lord of the 7th house is situated in the 8th, 10th, 11th, or 12th house while the lord of the ascendant is in the ascendant.

Different Combinations for Love Marriage

  • Arranged Marriage, various planetary combinations will help you in predicting love marriage according to your date of birth. Listed below are some possibilities of love marriage in marriage astrology.

  • Suppose in your horoscope Venus and Saturn are in a strong position with Mars; There are chances of your love marriage.

  • If Venus and Mars are together, you may be involved in multiple relationships or marriages.

  • As per marriage, if the planet Venus is afflicted and is in the right relation with Saturn and Mars, it means that you will have a marriage of your choice.

Role of other planets in marriage

Sun: Sun is a symbol of ego. The sun is often used in artistic depictions to represent power and dominance over others. When it comes to marriage, the couple should not have the Sun in a bad position in their Kundli. Such a position of the Sun will adversely impact their desire for relationships, understanding, and adjustment.

Saturn: Saturn is the most intimidating planet in all of astrology. It is a naturally inauspicious planet and is notorious for creating delays and obstructions on every occasion. Similarly, inauspicious Saturn can cause delays in marriage and dullness in married life. This can affect the element of trust between the husband and wife which will ultimately result in them moving away from each other physically and emotionally.

Rahu: Rahu is the shadow planet behind passion in individuals. Rahu can distance you from relationships and can also cause breakups.

Ketu: The second shadow planet Ketu creates renunciation in the person. If Ketu is in a bad position the person may gradually become dissatisfied with the relationship. The person will be distracted and oblivious to the emotional and physical needs of the partner. Due to the inauspicious effects of Ketu, the element of love and romance in married life will be reduced.

Mercury: The influence of Mercury on marital life is mild. In a good position, Mercury opens doors to communication in relationships. However, too much rationalization will take away a person’s ability to engage in romance, which can ultimately result in the marriage breaking up.


Marriage is one of the most important stages of life and to make married life successful, it is very important to make decisions related to it with full care and honesty. Choose your path and partner under the guidance of informed astrologers. While turning to the best astrologer, you can always think of none other than Chirag Daruwalla who is chosen by the celebrities. If you are also facing any problem related to marriage then you can take an Online Astrology Consultation.