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Key Facts Related To Buy Ffxiv Gil

Players looking to generate FFXIV Gil can do so through various means. While some methods, like teleportation and buying crafting ingredients, may drain wallets quickly, others can prove more lucrative.

One of the easiest and quickest ways to make money in Final Fantasy XIV is through crafting and gathering. These jobs produce valuable items with high demand on the market board that players can sell back.


Step one for earning Gil in Final Fantasy XIV is playing the game itself; questing, dungeons and killing monsters all yield small to substantial amounts of Gil.

Additionally, players can acquire Treasure Maps that lead to different dungeons where enemies drop large quantities of gil. Finally, playing Market Board provides another means of acquiring various goods.

One of the more entertaining ways to earn buy ffxiv gil is running dungeons. Players can queue up for one, and the system will form a group consisting of healers, tanks and DPS players from across all realms in order of their queue time – with those at higher levels taking part. Once inside a dungeon they run it at their current level level.


Becoming a crafter and selling items is the easiest way to earn lots of Gil in FFXIV, as you will earn a significant sum each week from selling all you create; even non-crafters can take advantage of market board prices to purchase gear, food, potions and consumables at market board prices – it all adds up!

Other methods of earning Gil in Final Fantasy XIV include dungeons, guildleves, duty roulettes and the Challenge Log – an easier and faster way of earning money and rewards such as Company Seals, Experience points or Materia ranks (currently Allagan for pre-Shadowbringers gear). Furthermore, keeping up with quests that award small amounts of Gil per run (such as main storyline quests and Leve Quests).


Guildleves (or levequests) are repeatable quests that offer experience and Gil to the player. Guildleves may be performed any time as long as you have enough “Leve allowances”, which increase by 12 hours every twelve hours (Earth time), up to 100. You can check how many you have available by speaking to an NPC in Levemete.

Battlecraft leves like “Promptitude” require players to slay notable monsters and NPCs, while Fieldcraft leves such as “Munificence” and “Candor” require them to gather items from permanent-spawning nodes at least to meet a minimum goal for that leve. Failure to meet this goal results in its failure; additionally some leves may impose additional requirements such as level or item prerequisites that need to be fulfilled first before taking on another leve.

Retainer Ventures

A Realm Reborn’s Retainer system introduces players early on to useful NPC aides who can assist them in gathering resources and grinding dungeons – offering one of the fastest routes to earning Gil in-game.

Players looking to embark on an expedition must pay their retainers in Ventures, which can be earned from levequests, tribal quests and Grand Company turn-ins. Ventures come in different varieties such as levequests, tribal quests and Grand Company turn-ins; ventures can range in difficulty from simple procurement missions all the way through exploration missions with items procured including Allagan Silver Pieces as well as rare crafting materials gathered up along their path.

Your Retainers need to complete Ventures regularly in order to maximize their chances of finding rare or unique items. Longer ones, like Woodland Exploration and Waterside Exploration, take up to 18 hours for completion – be sure to plan accordingly! As higher level Retainers increase their odds, so too do their chances.

Selling Items

Possessing plenty of Gil in Final Fantasy XIV can be extremely valuable. This allows you to acquire better weapons and equipment, furnish your house, purchase furniture and mounts, as well as bypass any difficulties in dungeons or other content.

There are various methods of earning Gil in Final Fantasy XIV, such as questing, crafting, farming, and the market board. Some methods can be more profitable than others – one effective technique is travelling between world servers to find items selling cheaper at other servers using Universalis or similar websites.

Treasure Maps can also be an effective way of earning FFxiv Gil , though they can sometimes prove risky. Completing Treasure Maps could pay dividends in terms of extra Gil earnings.