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Is Mexico the New China? Why Consider Mexico Over China for Manufacturing

For decades, China has been the go-to destination for businesses seeking low-cost manufacturing. But recently, the tides are turning. Companies are increasingly looking at Mexico over China for their manufacturing needs. There are several compelling reasons for this shift.

Closer to Home: Streamlined Communication and Reduced Travel Costs

Imagine this: a pressing issue arises at your factory. In China, a 12-hour time difference throws a wrench into swift communication. However, Mexico boasts a similar time zone to the US and Canada, making real-time collaboration a breeze. This translates to faster problem-solving and smoother operations. Plus, say goodbye to expensive, time-consuming trips to Asia! Quick flights or even road trips to your Mexican facility become a reality, boosting morale and saving significant resources. ✈️

Competitive Costs: Mexico’s Advantage is Growing

While China still holds a slight edge in raw labor costs, the gap is narrowing. Mexico boasts a skilled workforce with wages that are often lower than China’s when adjusted for productivity. This translates to significant cost savings in the long run. But that’s not all! Mexico offers a stable currency, the Mexican Peso, which can shield your business from the volatile exchange rates that plague China. Additionally, Mexico provides significant tax breaks and incentives for manufacturers, further sweetening the deal.

Shorter Supply Chains: Quicker Response Times and Reduced Risk ⏱️

Global supply chains have become increasingly complex, and recent events have highlighted the vulnerabilities of relying solely on China. Moving your manufacturing base to Mexico over China shortens your supply chain dramatically. This translates to faster delivery times to your North American customers, a crucial advantage in today’s fast-paced markets. Plus, you’ll be less susceptible to disruptions caused by port congestion, political instability, or natural disasters that often plague distant Asian factories.

Simplified Operations: A More Streamlined Manufacturing Experience

Navigating China’s complex regulations and cultural nuances can be a daunting task. Mexico, on the other hand, offers a business-friendly environment with a transparent legal system and a more familiar cultural landscape, especially for companies from North America. This translates to a smoother setup process, less red tape, and fewer headaches overall.

Six Mexico: Your One-Stop Shop for Manufacturing Success in Mexico

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Conclusion: Mexico – A Viable and Growing Alternative

While China will undoubtedly remain a major player in global manufacturing, Mexico is emerging as a strong contender. With its proximity to North America, competitive costs, and business-friendly environment, Mexico offers a compelling alternative for companies seeking a reliable and efficient manufacturing base. So, is Mexico the new China? While it’s not a direct replacement, it’s a market worth exploring!


Q: Is Mexico’s workforce skilled enough?

A: Absolutely! Mexico has a strong education system and a large pool of skilled workers experienced in various manufacturing sectors.

Q: What about intellectual property (IP) protection?

A: Mexico has robust IP laws in place to protect your innovations.

Q: How can I get started with manufacturing in Mexico?


A: Partner with a reputable firm like Six Mexico! We’ll guide you through the entire process and ensure a smooth transition.