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How much do tax preparers make?

As the tax season begins, everyone must prepare to maximize their tax return. Tax preparers are experts who professionally help individuals and businesses prepare their income tax reports. From providing tax preparation services to managing their accounts, they have complete knowledge of updated tax laws and regulations. 

Everyone wants to get paid as much as possible for the work they do. But how much does a tax preparer make? What factors can influence the income potential? Where can you find the best tax preparers? Let’s see the answers in this article.

What do tax preparers do?

Tax preparers are tax experts and professionals who assist businesses seeking tax preparation while adhering to tax regulations. 

  • They provide bookkeeping and payroll services while keeping tabs on your accounts and finances.

  • They collect all your financial records, prepare for tax returns, and help maximize your earnings.

  • They accurately calculate the tax liabilities, credits, and deductions and complete the tax forms.

  • They help businesses navigate tax return complications by providing financial information correctly and accurately.

  • They assist in optimizing the tax situations by thoroughly reviewing the financial data, leaving no room for error.

How much do tax preparers pocket?

Tax preparers’ hourly pay varies depending on the state, region, and the particular services they offer.

The “U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)” reports that tax preparers’ average yearly pay ranges from $37,060 to $51,080. The average hourly wage is $17.82 – $24.56. This applies to anyone who prepares tax returns for individuals and small companies.

These numbers are more or less similar to what we experience in the tax industry. Moreover, if you are a skilled tax preparer and have a good platform, you can make way more than this.

Factors affecting the income potential

There are quite a few factors that can affect your income potential.

Firstly, the main factor is the marketplace you are currently working in. If you are an employee in a company of 200 clients, the chances of making more money are less. On the contrary, if your firm handles over 2000 clients, this is your gateway to growth.

Secondly, pay attention to the pay structure you are being offered. Initially, you will be hired on an hourly basis or commission. You may get bonuses based on your performance. Once you are a tax pro, you can certainly make more of it.

Thirdly, if you have previous tax preparation experience and can bring your trustworthy clients to the table in your new office, the chances of your growth increase. These things make you stand out in the crowd of your office. 

Another major factor is whether you are self-employed or an employee. You can make more money by operating a company with your name or a franchise.

Can I prepare the tax return myself?

Yes, you can prepare the tax return yourself if your income and financial records are not complicated and you understand tax laws well. On the other hand, if your financial data is complicated, hiring a professional is a wise idea.

Tax preparation services are offered by certified public accountants (CPAs), law attorneys, and enrolled agents. Before hiring a tax preparer, it is crucial to know their services and understand their credentials.

If you are looking for a professional to handle your taxes this tax season, H&M Tax Group can certainly assist. Our experienced tax advisors provide the best tax preparation services that cater to your needs and requirements. 

Where do the tax preparers work?

As a tax preparer, you can work in various departments and industries based on your experience and expertise. According to the “BLS,” many tax preparers work in the following sectors.

  • Accounting and payroll services

  • Bookkeeping services

  • Tax preparation services

  • Tax return and tax planning services

  • Management consulting services 

  • Financial investments and other activities

Final words

No matter what kind of business you work for or in which state you operate, the more adeptly you assist your clients with their tax needs, the more clients you will have and the more they will pay you. Your understanding of tax law and practice is closely linked to your client’s need to receive significant tax refunds and minimize their tax obligations. The more you learn in the tax preparation industry, the more you earn. Trust H&M Tax Group for your tax preparation needs.