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5 Common Citation Mistakes Students Make In Academic Papers

Writing a unique assignment for an academic writing task is important for students to maintain academic integrity. Each academic paper requires extensive research to collect information in order to explain the topic perfectly. Many students don’t have an idea how to find research sources and collect information. Due to a lack of knowledge of academic writing, students often miss crediting to the sources or use incorrect citations. It can impact assignment quality and they may lose their academic scores. To prepare top-quality and plagiarism-free solutions, students can get Assignment Help from experts in the USA. Professional experts have knowledge of different citation formats. They can assist in writing assignments by providing correct information about citations.

Many students make several mistakes while using writing assignments and citing sources. In this blog, we will show the common pitfalls in citing assignments to help students avoid them for writing flawless solutions.         


5 Citation Mistakes In Academic Papers 

Citation is a reference source of information used in academic papers and documents for giving credit to original sources and people who have contributed to your work. Here are the most common mistakes students make while citing the sources.   

1.     Missing Relevant Keywords

Every topic consists of keywords that are used in research and writing. These keywords and phrases of the topic have significance in your paper. Make sure you cite the sources properly when you have used other words for defining the topic. Keywords are used in indexing the search engine. Include the keyword in a separate section.       


2.     Not Developing Relation between Citation and Reference List

Many students often don’t know the difference between reference and citation. Failing to develop the relation between citation and reference can impact the overall paper. Citation is used for the entire body of the paper while reference is a list of sources that is added at the end of the paper. Students often make mistakes by removing some sources from the reference list and adding other irrelevant sources. Make sure the references and citations are matched with the sources you use in the paper. 


3.     Making Incorrect Formatting

Another common mistake is the use of incorrect citation style. MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, etc. are different citation styles used in academic papers. All these styles have different rules of formatting. Most students mismatch the styles while citing the sources in the paper. Make sure you are using the proper style according to the guidelines.  


4.     Wrong Use of Punctuation

In the citation guidelines, punctuation plays a crucial role.  Any error in placing punctuation while citing the paper can impact the quality of the paper. Be careful while using punctuation while writing and using citations on paper. Proofread and check your paper multiple times to avoid such kind of errors while citing the sources in academic papers.    


5.     Incorrect Information

Another common mistake in citing sources is using incorrect information in the paper. In the evolving world, the information is rapidly changing day to day. Make sure the information is updated about the topic when you are writing the paper. Use credible sources for collecting data such as Google Scholar, journals, etc., and cite them properly in academic papers. Take time for proofreading and get support from Cheap Assignment Help Services in the USA to submit well-cited papers.


Using the wrong citation may have several negative consequences. Follow proper guidelines and be careful while using citations in academic papers. Get clear information and write patiently to create flawless solutions.