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The 5 basic features to add to the Taxi Booking App

Taxi booking apps are one of the most popularly used apps for travel. Ubers and other online taxi booking apps have boosted the economy, brought a shared experience venture, and set some new trends in the world. Since then, there have been many businesses that seek to create a custom taxi booking app. 

It is a successful industry that has created a great profile for markets around the world. Creating an app is no easy game, and creating an app requires deep research into everything that is required for it to run. The features are an important part of the entire venture; therefore, one must look carefully at the features they need in their app. 

What features Do I Need in a Taxi Booking App? 

So, here is the most important question, and it is necessary to decode this. Have you decided about the app development company yet? Search through Taxi Booking App Development Company to know who you need to hire. 

If you need to know about the market, get to know about your target audience and what they are looking for. Always make sure to take their advice analyze the demographics and understand the user behavior. Ask them what kind of difficulties they face, and what they want in an app. 

You may know it is one of the most profitable industries and you need to set the right target to make great results. 

User Registrations and Profile Management 

You do not have to create a complex sign-up system when it can be done easily. If you create a complex feature, it can come as counterproductive. It is crucial for users to enter their critical information such as name, number, email, password, and other important details. 

Real-Time Booking and Schedules 

Use a simple method and development system for booking the ride. Let the users enter their location to find the nearest driver that can reach them in minutes. Integrate a map on the home screen so they can pin their locations and adjust. Always work on user experience when you plan to create a taxi booking app. 

Real-time tracking and ETA 

When passengers book an app, they must be able to track the ride and see the arrival time, drop time, and other security reasons. The ETA will display the location in real time and the route on the map. This will enhance the transparency of the app. 

Secure Payment System 

Another important feature is to addition of a secure payment system. This allows the user to make a payment within the app. It can be integrated with multiple payment options., you can offer different payment options like cash, debit cards, bank transfers, wallets, or shared payment. Make sure to make it completely secure, and encrypted. 

Driver Ratings and Reviews 

Now it is time to implement a rating and review system to allow users to provide feedback on their ride. It enables users to rate drivers based on factors such as professionalism, vehicle cleanliness, behavior, and punctuality. Also, add the feature for driver ratings and reviews to help users make informed decisions when selecting rides and foster accountability among drivers.

How Much Does it Cost to Create a Taxi Booking App?

 Several factors are involved when creating an app, you will have to go through every step in order to understand which cost goes where. It also goes for the features of the app. When it comes to features it will decide upon its complexity. 

The End, 


Taxi booking apps have changed the mode of travel, and now are working efficiently in different parts of the world. If you are looking to create one for your country or region, go through how the app developers work and hire the most suitable app development company. The basic features will help you get into the game, and take a step ahead.