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Examining the Actual Cost to Ship a Car over Long Distances

Shipping a car to another state may be difficult, mainly when correctly calculating the required costs. Whether moving across the country, purchasing a car from another state, or providing a vehicle for a family member, accurate scheduling and budgeting require knowledge of the variables affecting car shipping costs.

Explore every necessary detail about shipping a vehicle in this extensive guide, examine the elements that impact costs and the various kinds of car transport, and provide helpful advice for decreasing expenses.

Factors Impacting the Cost of Shipping a Car


The distance the car requires to travel is an important variable that significantly impacts shipping costs. Typically, the cost improves as the distance increases.

Vehicle Size and Weight

Transport costs for more extensive and heavier vehicles are usually more significant because they take up more space on the carrier and can use more gasoline.

Type of Transport

Open carriers are an accessible option for many, as they are usually more affordable. On the other hand, enclosed carriers provide further protection, though at an extra cost.

Time of Year

Seasonal fluctuations can influence cost to ship a car. The need for car shipping services generally increases during peak moving seasons, like summer, which may result in more significant costs.

Vehicle Condition

Extra expenses may apply if the car is inoperable or necessitates particular care, such as non-standard size or modifications.

Pickup and Delivery Locations

Remote or less accessible places can require extra transportation plans, which may influence the overall expenses.

Shipping Insurance

Reliable car transport companies usually offer insurance coverage for shipped cars. If the protection cost is not reflected in the base price, it will contribute to the total cost to ship a car. The type and quantity of coverage may influence the cost.

Time Sensitivity

You will be charged for these premium services if you desire faster shipping or guaranteed delivery by a particular date. Expedited delivery usually involves more significant costs because it necessitates unique transportation plans.

Calculating the Cost

When receiving quotes for shipping a car, it’s necessary to consider these factors. Many car shipping companies offer simple online calculators or demand specific information about the vehicle and transportation needs to provide you with a quote. Acquiring multiple quotes from different companies is advised to contrast prices and services provided.

Money-Saving Advice for Car Shipping

Plan Ahead

Scheduling ahead when booking your car shipment may result in cheaper rates. It is beneficial to prevent making last-minute bookings, particularly during peak seasons when there is considerable demand.

Compare Quotes

Get quotes from several car shipping companies and compare their rates and services. Find companies that offer equitable pricing choices and straightforward, simple-to-understand terms.

Be Flexible with Dates

Choose flexible pickup and delivery dates to take advantage of reduced rates. It is also helpful to arrange your activities during off-peak times and seasons to prevent the usual price hikes.

Select for Open Transport

If your car doesn’t require more safeguards, consider choosing open carrier transport to save some money. Open transport is usually cheaper than enclosed transport while maintaining comparable levels of security and privacy.

Choose Terminal to Terminal Shipping:

If you plan on saving money, terminal to terminal shipping can be an excellent option, even though it may not be your most straightforward choice. This strategy can be an affordable option for door to door service, particularly if you’re open to picking up and delivering your car at specified terminals.

Consider Consolidated Shipping

Certain companies provide established shipping services, enabling your car to be shipped alongside other vehicles on the same carrier. This can efficiently lower costs by sharing expenses among multiple customers.

Ship during Off-Peak Seasons

Preventing shipping during peak seasons is beneficial when costs are higher. Instead, select times when requests are lower and rates are cheaper.

Get Your Vehicle Ready

Before transportation, ensure your car is clean and in perfect working condition. Remove your private belongings and finish any necessary upkeep to avoid incurring additional costs for cleaning or repairs.