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Diabetes – Natural Remedies that Will Help You Manage it

Diabetes is a chronic disease that has no cure in allopathy, homeopathy and ayurveda. It is a condition that makes the person struggle with rising sugar and abnormal insulin production which may be very less or more. Type 1 diabetes causes a rise in blood sugar as a result of low insulin levels and in the case of type 2 diabetes, the pancreas tends to produce insulin in excess and that makes the body of the person resist the insulin and as a result insulin production decreases with progress of time. Even though medication is often necessary to stabilize sugar and insulin production,

Here Are 15 Natural Remedies for Diabetes described below:

1. Apple cider Vinegar

It has proven effective in controlling blood sugar levels and improving insulin production if consumed after having starchy carbohydrates in the meal. But make sure that you dilute it with water.

2. Cinnamon

It is an absolute measure for managing blood sugar levels and improving insulin production. You would not require metformin to keep your sugar level under control and enhance insulin levels. Cinnamon, a cooking spice that would compensate for insulin resistance in the body without causing any side effects.

3. Fenugreek

It is known as methi in other words and it can enrich the body with the required amounts of nutrients and fiber. Either it can be added in the form of spice to the food while cooking or can be consumed in the stomach the next morning after soaking in water and keeping overnight. It slows down the absorption of sugar, starch and carbohydrates  That’s how it gives rise to insulin levels.

4. Chromium

Chromium, a natural mineral has the potency to stabilize the rising blood glucose levels and control insulin production. Studies have found that the intake of chromium in 10 to 15 mcg per day would meet the nutritional needs of diabetic patients apart from managing diabetes.

5. Ginseng

Ginseng is a natural plant herb that is loaded with antioxidants and medicinal ingredients to slow down the absorption of blood sugar and enhance insulin production. It is recommended to take Ginseng in fasting conditions to keep blood sugar at the optimum level.

6. Karela

Having karela in a regular diet will be extremely beneficial in keeping blood sugar under control. One can drink karela juice during the fasting condition to control the sugar craving and fight effectively against diabetes-related complications arising in the eyes, kidneys and skin. 

7. Jamun seeds

Jamun seeds high in calories and rich in fiber would have the ability to maintain sugar at optimum levels. Its natural compounds, jamboline and jambosine slow down the release of sugar and aid in maintaining a strong immune system.

8. Avocado

Diabetic conditions are further worsened by obesity including cardiovascular disorders. It has been proven by certain researchers that how it causes effective fat loss and maintains blood sugar at optimum levels.

9. Amra Beeja 

Amra Beeja extract is known for maintaining high blood sugar at normal levels and improving insulin sensitivity. However, it is recommended to avoid eating ripe mango which can increase the blood sugar level.

10. Neem 

It is enriched with various medicinal properties to control high blood sugar levels.It is one of the popular natural remedies for diabetes. It helps in purifying blood and help in healing wounds faster and combating diabetes-related complications.

11. Giloy 

It has been used in preparing Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes for thousands of years. It supports the production of insulin and optimizes rising blood sugar levels. It controls the growth of diabetes-related complications.

12. Aloe Vera 

It does have a positive impact on anyone suffering from high blood sugar and its related complications which may be kidney, heart and skin. It makes the body responsive towards insulin and thus aids in lowering high blood pressure.

13. Chirata

Chirata, a herb growing in the Himalayas enhances insulin production and lowers blood sugar levels. It also improves the uptake of sugar by the muscle cells.

14. Mulethi

Mulethi or licorice though sweet in taste has amazing medicinal power to balance blood sugar levels. It stimulates the dormant pancreatic cells to produce insulin hormone.

15. Amla

For several centuries, Amla has been used as one of the essential ayurvedic ingredients to manage diabetes. It has high anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to cut down the high cholesterol and fats and regulate the uptake of sugar by the cells. It also stimulates insulin production.

A few lifestyle change suggestions

A balanced diet, frequent exercise, stress reduction, weight control, enough sleep, herbal supplements, blood sugar monitoring regularly, and quitting smoking are all necessary for reverse diabetes.

Blood sugar levels can be managed with a balanced diet high in whole foods, complex carbs, and low-glycemic index meals.

To prevent overindulging, limit processed and sugary foods and think about portion control.

Frequent physical activity, such as strength and aerobic training, can control blood sugar levels and enhance insulin sensitivity.

Keeping a healthy weight might also have a favorable effect on managing diabetes.

Keeping blood sugar under control requires drinking enough of water, reducing stress, and obtaining enough sleep. 

Is taking ayurvedic supplements helpful in diabetes management?

It’s important to consult a healthcare professional before using any supplements. However several diabetics have found effective results using Ayush 82 whose ingredients have natural sugar-fighting abilities. 

These are amra beeja, karela beeja and jamun beeja. The ayurvedic composition of this specific supplement keeps rising sugar levels in control and stimulates the uptake of sugar by the cells. It controls sugar-related complications which shortens the longevity of any diabetic person.

Dosage of Ayush 82

Two capsules a day taken during the fasting conditions will keep your sugar levels and cravings for sugar under control.

It can be easily consumed along with modern medicine for diabetes control. It will be safe with no chances of side effects occurring.


Diabetes is a chronic disease with no cure in allopathy, homeopathy, and Ayurveda. It is characterized by rising sugar levels and abnormal insulin production. You will find natural remedies for diabetes in your kitchen in the form of certain spices like fenugreek, and cinnamon, vegetables like bitter melon and other herbs like neem, aloe vera, mulethi and amla. Such ayurvedic substances can not only stabilize the blood sugar elevation but also protect organs from getting damaged under rising sugar.